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    Default Bryant Thermostat loud clicking

    We just got a Bryant air conditioner/heat pump unit installed with a new Bryant Programmable Control Preferred Series Thermidistat. It controls heat and humidity.

    The first week everything was fine. Then it started making loud clicks every time the heat came on and went off.

    They are so loud that it wakes me up at night.

    Its usally 3 loud clicks, right in a row.

    Is it just this type or brand of Thermidistat? Or do you think it is defective? What is the solution?

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    Default Re: Bryant Thermostat loud clicking

    If there are not responses in the coming days at this site, try: (the "wall"), or (residential site); or (Heating/AC section)

    These sites have a focus on more dedicated issues concerning hvac/AC controls.
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    Default Re: Bryant Thermostat loud clicking

    Another good site is Plenty of pro's willing to answer your questions .

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    Default Re: Bryant Thermostat loud clicking

    i sounds to me like you just have a good set of contacts in tour thermostate which is nothing to worry about

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    Smile Re: Bryant Thermostat loud clicking

    This sounds to me like a bad thermostat. We had something similar happen to us at our house. The thermostat kept clicking on and off on and off until finally I turned the thermostat off for fear that it would damage the furnace. Luckily this was in early spring so keeping it off for a few days until we got a new thermostat wasn't a problem and it didn't cost us much. You shouldn't have to pay anything though since it sounds like this was installed fairly recently. So I would call your installer as soon as you can and tell them you are having problems and that they should come out to replace the thermostat. If for some reason they will not come out to fix their defective merchandise, and they should, then go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy another thermostat. Be sure to buy a small level at the same time as they need to be level when you install them and mark all of your wires before taking them off of the old thermostat. Also keep the wires separate to avoid shorts and maybe even turn power off to your furnace while installing the thermostat. Good luck!

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