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    Default Always "On" Furnace Fan

    We have a Kelvinator high-efficiency gas forced air furnace that is about 7 years old. We also have a electronic air cleaner and humidifier attached. We usually keep the blower motor in the always "on" position. Recently the motor died and after our HVAC company replaced it we noticed that the fan would turn off seemingly when the heat was kicking in, then turn back on (the fan would be off for about 30 seconds or so). Our HVAC company said this was not unusual, but we didn't seem to notice this prior to the new motor being installed. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Always "On" Furnace Fan

    It's possible when installed the new motor they may have wired the "fan on" to the low speed of the motor. Then they may have wire the motor on a higher speed for "heat" cycle ... there will be a delay when this changes over.

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