I'm trying to design a fish tank stand for a tank that is 48" W x 20" H x 11" D. The placement of the tank is below a counter that has supports that make the space under the counter for the tank and stand 34 1/2 " from the floor. The 20" height of the tank leaves only 14 1/2" for the stand (under the tank) and the lights and filter equipment (above the tank). I'm allowing about 4" at the top of the tank for the lights and filter, leaving only 10 1/2" for the tank stand. The tank (55 gal.) holds about 500 lbs. of water weight. I need some help designing a sturdy enough stand to support the full tank, which is, again, 48" W and 11" D. I think I need to support it in several places under the tank itself (ends and middle, front and rear). Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.

Barry Goodman