Good Morning ( Model No.OAL 175 MV 120 LP )( Brand Lithonia )
I have two 175 watt mercury vapor lights that I have rewired to be able to make them work with 100 watt yellow light blubs.First
I have put in mogul bulb adapters to be able to accept the small bulb base then I disconnected the transformer completely. I have taken the red wire coming from the photo control and tied it straight to the incoming hot (Black Wire) have run the black wire to the fixture. Have the white wire from the photo control going to the fixture, then coming from the fixture back down to the incoming neutral ( white )and of course the ground to the ground. The problem I am having is at dark they come on and work just fine but at daylight when they cut off they start coming on and off all day long. Could it be that this photo control will only work with the mercury vapor light and there transfer if so is there any thing I can do other than putting them on a timer instead of a photocell.
I hope this make since to the electrician
Have a Great Day