Hi All,

I own a 1960's model Cape Cod in NJ and the wife and I love the house but hate our second floor and kitchen. Currently we have our bedroom on the 1st floor but want to move it upstairs. The problem is that like most Cape Codís the room up there are high in the center and then slope very deep, so unless you are very short you can forget it.

We are interested in either dormers or just adding a full second floor to the house. The idea is to get a full 3 bedrooms and a bath upstairs and at the same time working on the kitchen downstairs.

Our kitchen is another story. The kitchen is very small and besides the size it is very poorly laid out. I have to open the stove to get to the utensils drawer.

I guess to get to my question; can anyone suggest how I should proceed. Should I get an architect first and then a general contractor or should I go the other way around. Secondly, where do I begin to look for a contractor or architect? Also is there somewhere I can go to look at plans for additions I have had no luck finding any yet. I appreciate any assistance.