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    Default Need an appraisal

    My husband is talking with a company that said they would buy our house if he accepts a position with them. I need to know how to get the house ready for an appraisal. We would like to walk away with what we paid for the house...so we are a bit nervous about this. Our neighborhood has about 300 homes and 6 have gone to foreclosure. I can't find info about the homes that have sold to see what they were going for. I'm worried we will suffer a big lose on this deal if we go for it. Would it be prudent to get our own appraisal just in case?

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    Default Re: Need an appraisal

    It`s not a bad idea to get an independent appraisal, especially
    since the potential buyer is in a PROBABLE situation of conflict of interest
    An appraiser who has NSREA accreditation( natitional society of real estate appraisers)is recommended. THEY WILL CHARGE YOU A FEE
    There are an awful lot of FREE Appraisers out there who sole purpose is to get you to sign on with a REALTOR

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