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    Default Clogged in floor drain

    I have a 90 year old house with a lead trap located between the kitchen ceiling and the bathroom floor. If I run water slowly it will drain, but if left on for a few moments the trap can't drain fast enough and the water overflows into te kitchen ceiling. The plummer told me I need to replace the pipes and trap in order to fix the problem. Is there anything I can do to prolong the ineveitable or fix the issue? I want to avoid opening the kitchen ceiling as I can't afford to do this work at this time and will be a while before I can.


    In my haste of writing this post, I failed to mention the lead trap that is clogged is for the sink in the bathroom. We are able to use the sink as long as we do not run excess water. The plummer didn't mention the pipes were cracked or damaged, just the trap was clogged. There is no drainage problems with the toilet or shower, just the sink.
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