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    Default Period Correct Examples

    I am doing a few improvement projects on my 1945 traditional. While I realize that many of these WWII era homes were built with very minimalistic details to accomodate returning soldiers, I would like to incorporate some of the period correct elements of the house into my improvements. Most of the house has been renovated with modern materials...not the most attractive ones either.

    Can anyone suggest any resources that I could use to research houses of this style for design ideas?


    Savannah, GA

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    Wink Re: Period Correct Examples

    I am not sure if this will help you out. This site is good for pin pointing what kind of stlye your house is.

    Hope this can help u on your journey.

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    You can find images and information on tons of house plan styles if you follow the link in this reply.

    If you post an image of the home it might help to inspire other members to recall other resources that could help you too.

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