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    Default Installing a ceiling fan

    I am installing a ceiling fan. From the ceiling, I have these wires:

    From the ceiling fan, I have these wires:
    Black with White Stripe

    I am connecting it to a wall switch with a separate switch for each, the fan and the light. Please let me know which wires from the ceiling go to the wires in the ceiling fan. Please help!! :-)

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    Default Re: Installing a ceiling fan

    All residential wiring should ( by code ) have a white wire for all returns or neutrals. It seems that your wiring doesn't have a white lead coming from the ceiling. You must first establish which ceiling wire is the neutral lead. To do this you will need a volt or multi-meter. They are fairly easy to use, just follow the instuctions and have a friend help. By connecting the meter to the power or hot lead from each switch to the neutral, you should be able to determine whitch wires from the ceiling go to which switch and also determine which wire is the neutral, ounce each switch is turned on. Be careful because you will be dealing with live voltage. You could also take each switch out and see which wire color goes to which switch.If the colors correspond with those coming out of the ceiling, you should be able to tell which hot wire goes with which switch.
    On your fan the wire color code should be as follows; green- ground; white-nuetral; black-fan motor; and black with white stripe- light. Hope this helps.

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