I just bought a Leviton Decora Sureslide Dimmer switch for my dining room light. I first purchased a single pole switch (b/c there's only one switch for my dining room chandelier) BUT when I began to disconnect the old regular switch I realized that it was a 3 way. I then went back to the store and purchased a 3 way dimmer. I followed the directions EXACTLY. BUT, when I turned the power back on, my dining room light did not work at all and the switch now controlled and dimmed the following 3 lights (#1 front door, #2 Foyer, #3 Hall/Stairs-wich has two switches) I'm completely confused. I thought that maybe I labeled the wrong "common" wire SO I tried all possible combinations. When I did get the dining room light to work and dim, the other 3 lights (see above note) did not work at all. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT????