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    Default Furnace Maintenance

    I just down loaded Richard T's article on Fall furnace maintenance. I have gas fired, hot water baseboard heat in my home. Also I do not have a water heater, my hot water comes from my gas furnace. Would the maintenance from a service technician be the same as in your article? Thanks much for your help. Pat

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    I just read Richard's article.

    His focus in this article is on oil-fired boilers.

    Oil-fired boilers require more maintanence and an annual cleaning to remove soot from the boiler combustion chamber, the flue pipes and the chimney.

    Gas-fired boilers, like yours, run much cleaner in most cases and usually require cleaning only every other year.

    However, it's a good idea to have the service person come in to check the system out before the brunt of the heating season starts.

    There are some delicate parts inside the boiler that shouldn't be handled by the homeowner, such as the surface igniter that turns on the gas flame, so if a cleaning is necessary, have the service tech do it.

    If you can see the flame when the boiler is running, it should appear blue.

    If it's yellow, the gas and flame ports need a cleaning.

    The service tech should also check the burner controls and make sure the safety switch in the aquastat (high limit) is shutting off the boiler when it should when the boiler water reaches its high temperature.

    The baseboard elements should be periodically bled to get air out by opening the little bleed valves at the end of the baseboard to allow any trapped air to escape.

    There's an excellent pdf article that I couldn't get to load.

    Google "Guide for residential design""gas fired heating system". to access the article.
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