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    Question Old concrete driveway

    We have an old concrete driveway that is crumbling in some of the sections. Is this a job for a do it your-selfer or should it be left to the Pros?

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    Default Re: Can I repair my own concrete driveway?

    Depending on the amount of concrete needing repair, it's probably good to leave it to the pros. Concrete is heavy and hard to break apart (jack hammer, front end loader, etc.).

    If it's just a small area, you could do it yourself and buy some Sakrete at HD to fill the spot(s).

    Good Luck.

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    Arrow Re: Can I repair my own concrete driveway?

    We use to work in the concrete business, and I am guessing that if some of your driveway is crumbling, it won't be long before more of it crumbles. We experienced this a lot. Some wanted to fix just that section, and possibly cover over all of it with an overlay, but the overlay eventually started coming off as the driveway was still crumbling underneath.

    If there are several spots, I would suggest pulling up the entire concrete driveway, by calling a concrete expert, so the next concrete driveway will not crumble like that.

    There are more articles on concrete at if you are interested.


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