I recently had an electrical contractor wire my basement as we are finishing it out to a living space. I was quoted for 20 amp circuits to all outlets and 15 amp circuits to all lighting loads (cans).

In each of the rooms I see one power feed coming in to service 8 outlets and 6 can lights. All utilizing 14-2 wire. Now I would expect the 14-2 going to the lights from a 15 amp circuit and then 12-2 for the outlets from a 20 amp circuit. Not everything being fed from one 14-2 wire from a 20 amp circuit.

So one question is can 14-2 wire handle a 20 amp circuit, or should the electrician have run 12-2 wire? The second question is to I have a strong enough position to have them rewire everything or am I just out of line?

Thanks for your time!