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    Default Epoxy paint on wood floor.

    I have 30' x 32' garage with 13' x 20' workshop.
    The garage floor is concrete but the workshop has wood floor.

    Recently I had to replace the floor joist and subflooring due to water damage from leaky roof.

    I like to paint the subflooring but haven't got any clue on type of paint. I asked around for high traffic floor paint but I don't get honest answers.

    Would an epoxy paint design for garage concrete floor work on wood subflooring?

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    Default Re: Epoxy paint on wood floor.

    A true 2 part epoxy is too brittle for a wooden substate. It will also have problems with expansion and contraction of the wood flooring as humidity/temperature varies. An acrylic based floor paint would probably do better in this application.

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    Default Re: Epoxy paint on wood floor.

    Look for deck and porch paint.
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