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    Default Advice for a very small house's very small kitchen

    I live in a very small 1942 row/town house in DC. Each floor is 484 sf. The kitchen is a galley style kitchen 10' (W) X 6' (L). There are doors on each of the six foot wall. The range, sink base w/ 1 foot of counter space and some wall cabinets are along one of the 10ft walls (only 8 feet are useable because the basement door opens into the kitchen. The 6' wall because of the doors and sink base are not usable. The other 10' wall has the fridge and a wall cabinet, this wall is split by a door way to dinning room. On the other side of the door way is a radiator. The only window is in the back door. To get more counter space I use container store Metro carts with the butcher block tops. Because of the narrowness of the room I can only have carts that are no more than 18 inches deep. The Ikea 12" ones are too small. I currently need drawers and have used plastic containers with drawers. Ideally I need to figure a way to get maximum functionality in that little space. I'm not sure what to do.

    I dreamed of having a dishwasher, and an over the range Microwave and a GD under the sink, and a new floor.

    So far I’ve installed Ikea white cabinets, and vinyl floor self stick , even though the floor under it had to be patched and still squeaks. I added a new five burner convection gas stove and a new fridge. My only base cabinet, the sink base is a steel white industrial unit with one drawer. They are sold with the sink and counter top attached. It came with the house. I’ve modified it to add counter top dish washer under the counter top. I’ve purchase marble looking self stick tile I don’t know if I should put it down. On a lark as a joke I put some behind the sink, and oddly it doesn’t look half bad. I originally painted the walls lavender but, only I seem to like it.

    I’ve all but given up on a dream kitchen. Any advice?

    Respond here or e-mail me at robbycu (at) yahoo.com
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