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    Our house was built in 1964. We have basebord heating system. However during the night the pipes bang a lot each time the furnace kicks in.

    Anyway to fix this.

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    I had the same problem in my house. If you place rubber spacers on the set of legs on the radiator futherest away from the valve, it allows the cold water to return to the furnace. Cold water in your radiator is causing the banging when the warm steam comes up through the pipes when the furnace turns on.

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    I'm assuming that this is a radiant baseboard system, rather than a one-pipe steam system, as msh69aol has suggested.

    I also suspect that you have the old-style expansion tank on your system, with one pipe connected to your boiler piping, and a drain valve (or simply a plugged connection) at the opposite end of the tank. These expansion tanks can get filled with water over time, displacing the air that is supposed to be in the tank. When this occurs, you can get "water hammer", just as when a faucet is shut off with no air chambers installed in the piping.

    Drain the expansion tank. First turn off power to the boiler. There should be an isolation valve to disconnect the tank from the system. Close this valve, then drain the tank into a bucket. Close the drain valve, open the isolation valve, then restore power.

    See if this cures the banging.


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    Could you advise exactly what type of heating system you have???

    From your post it sounds like a forced hot water baseboard.

    The heating unit is a BOILER, btw, & not a furnace.

    The most common cause of baseboard noises results from inadequate holes in the floor that allow the riser pipes to connect to the baseboard.

    Since copper, or other piping materials expand when heated by the hot water, the piping rubs against the floorboards and makes a banging noise.

    Since it's hard to make the drill holes larger to properly accomodate the pipes, try buying a caulking tube of high heat compound at Home Depot/Lowe's or plumbing supply house & apply it to the holes with a caulking gun.

    (This is kept in the dept. with fireplace supplies at the big box stores).

    Another source of baseboard noise is the fin tubes groaning against the metal brackets inside the baseboard covers when the fins expand when heated.

    There are small pieces of plastic elements that cushion the fins from the brackets, if missing they can be made out of a used plastic milk carton.
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