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    Question Electrical Questions??

    Hi, i am wondering if anyone can help with some electrical questions.

    I have an older house, i need 2 plugs updated and stay where they are. What is involved with this?

    I also need to move 1 switch to another wall from where it is now. This switch will be running my ceiling fan, which i want to have a dimmer hooked up to. Will i need to run more wiring in order to move this switch approx 12 feet away. If so how do i do this? Do i add on to the exsiting wiring, or does it have to be all new and run from the receptacle box in my basement?

    I also need to add two new plugs in this room as well, each one approx 4-5 feet from the other. What type of cable is needed 14 or 12? How does this get hooked up in my basement? Since i need two plugs do they both run off the same wiring from my receptacle box? Or hooked up seperately?

    I have a wall light in my one room, but no switch. I have to find the light in the dark to switch it on. I need a new light fixture there, as well as a switch added to the wall. Can the light fixture and the new switch be run on the same wiring? Or do they have to be seperate?

    Any advice would be great as i have had many electrican's give many different options/ways on how to do this? I want to make sure i choose the right one for the job......

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Electrical Questions??

    I'm sorry but without a more detailed look at what you are trying to do it's difficult to give you a usable answer. For instance what is meant by "i need 2 plugs updated ". The gage of wire needed depends on the breaker, the outlet and the loads you intend to use. I would suggest you work with your electrician by providing a complete detail of what you want to accomplish.
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