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    Default What is that loud banging?

    I tend to hear a loud bang sound coming from the basement everytime we use the dishwasher. I also will hear this sound when nothing is running, it just goes "bang" out of nowhere. What could be causing this?

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    Default Re: What is that loud banging?

    This could be the water inlet solonoid valve inside the dishwasher.

    The valve slams shut to close off the water during dishwasher cycles.

    The shock may be transmitted down to the main piping down cellar to rattle a loose pipe.

    I assume the dishwasher is on a floor above the basement.

    Have someone stand downstairs when the dishwasher is running to see if they can pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

    It may be a loose pipe clamp, or the water pressure is too high.

    Google "dishwasher water inlet solonoid valve banging" (without the quotes) for further info.
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