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Thread: galvanized pipe

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    Question galvanized pipe

    We purchased a home that is over 50 years old. All the waterpipes are galvanized and have corroded inside. Can you tell us how to clear the pipes or what size and type of pipes will be needed to replace them. The home has two bathrooms, kitchen with dishwasher only. The home has very little water pressure.
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    Default Re: galvanized pipe

    I would replace with PEX.
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    Default Re: galvanized pipe

    I've been through it; I also have a vintage home that had galvanized.

    I ended up replacing the whole deal with copper with a 1" flexible copper main to the city main at the property line.

    JLMCD is correct in advising PEX or other plastic piping due to the extreme recent price jumps in copper.

    The most important & most costly phase of the job is to replace the main pipe, going from the house to the city property line (if you have city water).

    This requires excavating a trench of whatever length it takes, down below the frost line (3 feet in northern areas), & going thru the foundation to the cellar.

    If you plan to attempt the trench yourself, make sure you get a city permit & notify the gas co & elec. co. to mark off their buried lines before you dig.

    If you have city water, the water dept. will have to come over to shut off the water supply with a special wrench.

    It's possible to do some of the inside piping as a diy project if you're handy.
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