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    Default Boiler valve steam

    I live in an older home and I have steam heat. I recently had my boiler cleaned and the worker who was there saw that my main valve was "broken" because it was releasing steam and he said it should only release air. I took the old valve off, bought a new one and replaced it. The problem is there is still steam coming out of the new main valve. Is there a bigger problem or did I do something wrong replacing it?

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    Default Re: Boiler valve steam

    Did you put in the right model vent valve?

    Did it match the valve Model # you removed?

    Did you put in a Model 75??

    Do you have a Y-strainer trap before the valve?

    There might have been some residual dirt in the pipe that clogged the new valve.

    See if you can get it off & use some air pressure (bicycle pump) to blow it clean.

    Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the hole in the main vent.

    Is this a one-pipe or two-pipe system??
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