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    Cool Removing post supporting cross beam in basement?

    I have 2 each 7" x 5" x 13' wood beams across the ceiling of my basement, dividing the space into approximate thirds. Each of these beams has a post providing support in the middle of the 13' span. On one of these I'd like to beef up the beam somehow in order to remove the post, providing better open space for a room in the basement.

    My question is how would I calculate how much I need to beef this beam up? If I used steel U beams bolted thru the wood beam to an opposite steel U beam would that suffice? There is no direct load above, it is open space except for about 3' on one end of the 13' where a kitchen wall separates the dinning space.

    I imagine there are many other questions involved in making sure the floor doesn't give way if I invite 20 people over to stand above where the post currently is. So let me hear them or if there is a way to calculate how much beefing up I need to do, let me have it.

    Thank you,
    Bill Swigart
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