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    Periodically, lights in my house will dim and then get bright. Sometimes it is related to appliances coming on(heater,fridge,microwave).I do have the microwave and dishwasher on the same circuit breaker. Shoud they be on seperate?

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    I think it could be related to two separate things. First you need to see if you have sufficient amperage coming into the house. Second you would need to add up the total amount of amperage being used on each circuit to make sure you're not overloading it. I had a similar problem a few years back (1950's ranch with a 60 amp service and only 8 breakers to run the house) and had my service upped to 200 amps. I also separated a lot of the circuits that were run together and installed separate breakers for high energy items like the microwave. Just make sure you don't make the same mistake that I did and put a ground fault outlet for the fridge!

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    There are a ton of reasons why your lights could be dimming .
    The power transformer could be too small . The incomming service wire may be too small . Same with the wirring in your meter pan or breaker box . Loose connections anywhere in the circuit could do it . Actually , it's not unusual to have a slight dip when the A/C or appliances start up . The real question is , is it excessive , or not ? If it were me , I would take some voltage readings to see how low the voltage dips , and
    possibly even have the power company check their equipment .

    In short , you need to do some more investigating to figure out where the problem lies .

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