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    Default French Doors Alignment

    I just purchased a new house and the French Doors are not even. There is a gap near the bottom. How do I fix this? Also, the front door has also become uneven and started rubbing on the bottom. How do I fix this? I don't know if this stuff is covered under my house warranty, but even if it is, it would take the builder forever to fix it...and it's very cold right now!
    I'm not that great of a handy man so a very detailed answer would be best. Thank you for the help.

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    Default Re: French Doors Alignment

    It's impossible to say over the internet ---- sight unseen ---- as to what exactly is the situation. Could be the doors and jambs were improperly installed in the rough openings ----- screws weren't long enough --------- or improper shimming ------- or not square and plumb ------- or ...........................

    Get ahold of the builder to get their butt down there and fix the doors A.S.A.P -------- hound them if you have to.
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    Default Re: French Doors Alignment

    I don't know where your located but in MA. there is a one year builders warranty on new New Construction that is mandatory. You should check this out. Good Luck!!!

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