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    Default What sealant to use?

    I am replacing a kitchen sink drain from a solid one piece counter/sink. What is the appropriate sealant to use where the metal drain and sink connect. My condo is new and I was told that using plumbers putty is not good for the solid counter/sink material. The drain was initially installed with plumbers putty that has turned black. After removing the putty from the drain and sink I do not see any damage.

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    Default Re: What sealant to use?

    If there is some new material preferred by the sink/counter mfr. you'll have to find that out from them -- plumber's putty has always been right for this application (drain-to-sink).

    I have seen black plumber's putty before, when/where the drain was not tight enough and water etc. got into the 'joint.' Plumber's putty is not actually supposed to be the seal, like caulking or a gasket, it's more like a backstop to a tight sink-to-drain fit.

    But check with the sink mfr. because sometimes a new material raises new requirements for installation.

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