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    Default Floating laminate over tile

    I would like to lay a floating laminate floor in our living room, office and hallways. The existing floor is 12 inch ceramic tile which is very solid, the grout is good, and the floor is level. Under the tile is the ground-level concrete slab, and there's no evidence of moisture problems under anything that sits directly on the floor.

    After watching our contractor jack-hammer out the tile while renovating our kitchen, I want nothing to do with tearing this floor up! Would I be ok floating the laminate flooring with some kind of underlayment pad over the intact tile?

    I realize I'd have to trim door frames and install reducers in room transitions to accomodate the extra floor height but fortunately there would be little of that needed, due to he style and layout of the house.

    Do any of you have experience doing this? Any advice?

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    Default Re: Floating laminate over tile

    That's one of the advantages to installing this type of can install it over just about any existing flooring except carpet.


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