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    Default Tankless water heater dilemmas

    About a year ago, we installed a tankless water heater rated to supply water for two applications simultaneously. We love the idea of heating water only when needed, but are frustrated by the long delay (and water wasted) waiting for the water heater to kick in. We do not have a large house--it's an older story and a half bungalow. In order to rinse dishes, we have to fill a basin, since the tankless won't provide hot water as the faucet is turned on and off. What options would we have to either recirculate water or provide instant hot water for a kitchen or bathroom faucet? Also, we're concerned that our clothes may only be washed in cold water because our front load washer fills in stages. Could that be true? When we installed the tankless, a local contractor said we'd never be happy with it and would remove it before long. We hope to prove him wrong, but are looking for help with some workarounds for these two areas. Thanks!!!
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    Default Re: Tankless water heater dilemmas

    Could you provide the name and model # of the instant hot water heater???

    The first step is to make sure the unit is operating properly.

    Have you had the original contractor over to check it out, or have you called someone else to look it over?????

    Was it providing satisfactory amounts of hot water when it was first installed, and only recently caused problems????

    The initial thing is to try & work with the unit you have now.

    If that doesn't work out, there may be a slightly larger unit that can be installed.

    Do you have hot water heat to heat the house????

    Oil-fired; gas-fired???

    Please post back.

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