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    Hello TOH!!!
    My husband and I recently bought a beautiful 1920s Colonial home in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike other homes in this area it came with a huge backyard, grass as far as one can see. My dream of county living in the city will become a reality someday. How should I begin taking on the process of transforming such a space? I constantly read the suggestion of taking it one small space at a time, but I feel confounded by not knowing what the bigger goal and picture is. Then, when factoring in the many considerations and options, I am frozen regarding making the smaller choices. The considerations faced include: 1. keeping it low maintenance regarding time, energy, and water needs, 2. considering how the space will grow and transform with us over time, 3. wanting to use native species, 4. creating space for our children to run and play and also quieter spaces to explore, 5. creating an adult haven for myself, 6. creating a water basin (we live in a water shed area,) and 7. attracting butterflies and other animals. In a time of great consciousness regarding the environment and our impact on it, I had thought that resources would be easier to find to fit my needs. I am still looking for this support, any ideas??? Thanks!!

    Cindy in Cleveland

    ps- Please see more below from me!
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