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    Default remote control pendant light

    I'm installing a pendant light over a kitchen breakfast bar. I can get power to the light's ceiling box but I don't have any place to place a light switch. So I am thinking I could install a ceiling fan remote control device and only conect the wiring for the light control.

    My problem is the ceiling fan remote receiver has a white wire that is labled to go to the motor, a black wire that is labeled to go to the motor, and a blue wire that is labled to go to the light. How would I connect the two wires from my light fixture to the ceiling fan remote receiver unit?

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    Default Re: remote control pendant light

    I agree with DW you could start with Smarthome and even download their catalog.
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    Default Re: remote control pendant light

    What is feeding the "remote receiver"? A color and a white?

    Typically a ceiling fan shares a common/neutral/white between the fan and light if it has a light.

    So I would think you would connect white to white and use the light feed to feed the light and just cap off the fan feed.

    If there is only one white on the receiver then it must need a neutral to function. If that's the case then just connect all of the whites under a wire nut.

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