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    Question septic tank too close to well

    on inspection of home built in 1945 dicovered that septic tank
    was too close to well, approximately 15 feet seperating the two-
    age of either is unknown, best estimate is septic is original and well 30 years old- well is 290 feet deep

    coliform tests have come back negative, but still have lingering doubts and questions

    house has been vacant for about three months, how does this affect the coliform tests?

    does depth of well( 290 feet ) provide protection from contaminants?

    options to correct problem, rather than drilling new well

    any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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    Is your septic tank leaking? Is the county or township requiring you to move it? I would place more importance on where the drain field is rather than where the septic tank is.
    Are you looking to buy this house? If so would this have to be fixed prior to the sale by current owners? Could be cheaper to move the tank rather than drill a new well.

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    Be advised another alternative might be what's commonly called a turkey hill above-grade septic field, properly a dosed drainage field and other similar terms.

    It is similar in scheme or basic design to the old type from back then but does not rely on gravity feed and is not burried but the drain field lies above the ground, resembling a freshly filled grave for the Jolly Green Giant or Paul Bunyan or maybe Shrek's big brother. Two good info sources to start with are:

    The idea being you can create a whole new field further from the well if you have enough property.
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