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    Lightbulb Shower Drain Removal

    I'm in the process of removing a stand alone shower that is in my basement. I want to replace the fixtures that are leaking. It appears that I will have to remove the drain ring, and gasket from the PVC drain pipe before I can move the shower stall and have access to the pipes behind the stall. My question is, how to remove the drain cap and gasket?? Do they unscrew or do I have to pry them off with the chance of destroying the PVC drain. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Re: Shower Drain Removal

    The shower drains I've seen for the last 15 years use a rubber donut forced in around the drain that seals it to the shower floor. This donut is about 2" tall and can be worked out with a screwdriver. The drain covers are usually snap fit in place, some use screws.

    There may be connections other than the "donut" type described above, those I cannot help with.

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