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    Question. I am designing a remodeled kitchen set-up. Would I encounter problems by placing the refrigerator along side the electric range. Would heat from the range either lower the efficiency of the refrigerator or increase my operating costs. Any suggestions short of re-designing the entire layout?


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    Probably not noticeably. We had a freestanding electric next to the fridge and we were fine. In fact, we just moved the fridge over and put in a freestanding butcher block top cabinet in between, so we're still pretty close. And not because of any proximity issue, just cause we needed the counter and drawer space.

    Now in a previous house, the range seemed to warm up the entire house, but we found the venting had fallen out and needed repair.

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    I disagree. Have you noticed that your refrigerator runs more on a hot summer day than it does in the winter? Your refrigerator works by removing heat from the air inside it & venting it outside. If you warm the air outside the refrigerator, it has more trouble dissipating the heat & naturally runs less efficiently.

    Another consideration is efficient kitchen design. Counter space is a valuable commodity next to either a refrigerator or stove. Even a small counter atop a single cabinet will prove useful, as well as providing a buffer between the 2 appliances.


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    I had purchased a previous home that had the fridge right beside the stove and had decided to install a cabinet between the two. Buy doing this had provided some benefits ... one was a counter surface to place things from the fridge / freezer on as well for items for cooking the other was some storage for pots, pans and trays.

    There was a noticeable performance increase on the fridge since the air space for the fridge was cooler when the two were separated. The stove's oven is insulated though there is still warm air that does radiate from it.

    The fridge requires air circulation in order for the heat from the condenser lines to be dissipated into the air. The cooler the ambient air around the fridge the easier the condenser lines will cool and the more efficient the fridge will run.

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