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    Default Re: Important OSHA Warning on Ladder Safety

    Quote Originally Posted by canuk View Post
    Oh Oh Marjorie..... which will it be ... arm or knee ...

    No one messes with the Spruce.
    Darn straight! I'll bring to bear the force of "Lefty" the Canuk!

    Quote Originally Posted by Marjorie View Post
    it's my own fault... I shoulda paid.. ugh. oh, dearie, dearie me!


    Yes, you should have, but sending that envelope of Brown Rec heads was a nice touch. If I ever need a little creative leveraging done in your area, you'll be the first one I call.
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    Default Re: Important OSHA Warning on Ladder Safety

    I try to never pass up a chance to display my spider-killing prowess! :-D
    Had to kill a good sized one in the garage tonight... beat it to death with a wood rake handle. Good thing it was on the floor and not a wall or i'd have a big hole in the wall to repair...haha!

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