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    Default Burnham change out.

    I have an old (30+ yrs) Burnham boiler with an internal tankless water heater, that I don't need. All I want to do is buy a new Burnham boiler and make sure it is properly sized. I keep getting a line from everyone I talk to including companies on the net that they will only sell to a licensed plumber or heating contractor. Anyone know where I can buy a new Burnham boiler in the Northeast? Thanx, Ed
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    Default Re: Burnham change out.

    Have you tried Home Depot or Lowe's???

    I haven't seen any Burnhams in there yet, but they have Slant/Fin and Thermopride, etc., which are half-decent cast iron boilers.

    The public library has volumes of Yellow Pages for most of the towns in your area.

    Read thru the section on "Heating Equipment", especially for display ads for the heating supply houses.

    Some of them are VERY friendly to the diy'r, and the rest of them are getting there fast.

    There are several caveats here:

    1) Most mfgs will void the boiler warranty if you diy. 2) Mass. and most other states in the northeast require a licensed install by code. 3) these puppies weigh 500-600 lbs; you will need special equipment to get it into the cellar, & get the old one out.
    4) make sure you get the right model to fit your needs & one that will fit the needs of the house; Burnham & other mfgs have 10-15 different models that have slightly different features.
    5) get help from someone knowledgeable; there's two or three days' labor requiring expertise to do the job right.
    6) God forbid that you ever have a fire, but be aware that Homeowner's Insurance Co's are always looking for an excuse to deny a claim.
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