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    Default Low-intensity outdoor lighting and the dark sky movement

    Read in today's USA Today about the International Dark-Sky Association and their effort to cut light pollution to make the Milky Way visible to more Americans. A side effect, of course, is energy conservation and lower energy bills. Dark Sky cities now include Hilton Head Island, SC; Harmony, FL; Jackson, WY and Flagstaff, AZ.

    Is your city in on this effort? What are some products (bulbs, fixtures etc) that are recommended?

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    Default Re: Low-intensity outdoor lighting and the dark sky movement

    Here is a link to the organization. You can click on the lighting tab and see compliant fixtures.

    I am seeing this in some jurisdictions in my area but not all. I typically do not specify lighting but from what I understand it has more to do with the projection angle of the cast light more than the lamp type and the fixtures need to have deflectors so that light does not shine out in a horizontal angle.

    But again it really varies around here to the point that one project we had to replace brand new noncompliant walkway bollards with compliant bollards to just a few miles away shining 1000watt Metal Halide ground lights up to light the side of a country clubhouse.

    Personally I like the idea.

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