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    Question Shower Water Temp Problem - Fluctuating Temps

    Updated 11/20/07

    Hey Guys Thank for the replies.

    I will clarify my issue. The shower sometimes produces good hot water other times not at all just luke warm at best.

    Update: What I have done on my end. I had a 2nd boiler guy come in to inspect the boiler and good news he found out the boiler mixing valve was bad. He replaced the internals. The mixing valve internals were corroded. Now, the water temps in the sink are 130F (down from 160F). The problem now is the shower really doesn't get hot only lukewarm.

    I have 2 ideas on how to fix the problem. Let me know what you think I should try first.

    1. Replace the spindle assembly (TA-10) in the Symmons Temptrol.

    2. Acid Bath? I heard that this might fix the problem.

    I actually tried to replace the temptrol spindle assembly but had to stop because I couldn't figure out how to remove the cap assembly that goes over the oring (T-11). Here is the link to the Symmons diagram:

    As for getting a larger tank. I know it makes sense to investigate one. But it doesn't seem right that we would need one. It's only 2 people showering in the morning. I feel like the system should produce enough hot water for that.

    I will toss in one other note I have a well system. Which I found out could cause the mixing valve to be confused cause of fluctuations in pressure.

    In summary, I still need a hot shower consistently.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this forum and also a new homeowner. I saw a promo from PBS for TOH ******. I know there are a lot of experts out there and I would appreciate any help. I don't mind hiring a professional to come out to correct the issue but I want to understand it first. Here is the issue:

    The shower water temperature fluctuates while taking a shower. You literally have to adjust the temperature dial ~5 to 10 times during a shower. There are some days where only a little hot water comes out. No one else is running any water and it randomly goes from warm to cold. Here are the facts I can tell you.

    I have thermo dynamic boiler S-seires (

    When you flush the toilet or run the bathroom sink the shower water gets very cold.

    The max water temps throughout the house vary. The kitchen sink gets up to 158F, bathroom sink 152F and the shower 110F.

    I thought an antiscald device might be installed that would limit the hot water to the shower. However, wouldn’t the shower not turn cold when you flush the toilet?

    Does anyone have any suggestions one what the problem is?

    In need of a hot continues shower.
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