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Thread: Stucco

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    Question Stucco

    I'm moving to an apartment (rented) where some of the walls and all the ceilings are an ugly stucco finish.
    How can I minimize the look? They will repaint the apartment but will not cover the stucco.
    everything is matte off-white.

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    There is no easy way to get rid of a heavy stucco texture short of ripping out the drywall. A mild texture might be covered with a skim coat or two of drywall compound. Either case sounds like way too much work for a rental apartment. I would either find a different apartment or learn to love stucco

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    There is no easy way to get rid of that without skim coating or re-drywalling the walls which it seems your apt manager will not appreciate that. You can try doing a faux glazing finish over it to give it a good look, take a look at Google images and do a search for "faux finish over stucco" to see an example. The other option is to use a dead flat finish paint on the stucco areas which will hide it as best as possible.

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