Hi all, I'm new here, and have a few questions about my 32 year old home.
It is a tri level with basement, brick on the bottom, siding on top.

Last winter, we noticed that the vents at the top level were not producing heat. Although heat is suppose to rise, the top floor was the coldest of them all. Someone had mentioned that I should check the vents on the roof. If they are clogged, they may be causing the problem. How would I go about doing that? What would I need to clean them? When we moved in a year and a half ago, We did have all the ducts cleaned, and furnace serviced. So all that is working great. Just not sure why the heat is so week in the bedrooms.

Second, there is a vent hood above the stove. There is tons of cold air that just pours out of this hood. The fan does not work, and someone taped over the front part of the hood to prevent cold air on their face while standing at the stove. Is there a way to close this vent to prevent such massive amounts of cold air from flooding our kitchen?