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    Default Flooring from salvaged wood

    Yeah I know; kitchen floors...big deal.

    To wit:

    - 10 inch maple planks, 10-14 feet long, from a 220 year old church
    - 7 coats of polyurethane, applied with a 4 inch brush, hand sanded between the last 3 coats
    - Screw holes covered with plugs cut from scraps of finished planks
    - Took 826 plugs, each hammered and then hand sanded
    - All kitchen cabinets raised 1.5 inches to accommodate new flooring
    - In total, cost less that cheap laminate flooring, but took ~130 hours of labour

    This maple was actually up on the wall of the church, and had been removed after the church was sold and the new owner was trying to deal with bat issues. By the time I heard about this stuff, he had already sold most of it. I managed to get what was left... about 450 sq ft.

    Interesting story: I brought the planks to a local woodworking shop to have them planed & jointered. They were adamant that the wood had to be nail-free, otherwise I'd have to buy them new blades. I spent hours pulling sneaky little nails and staples that were hidden away, and was very confidant that I got them all.

    Well when I went to pick up the planks, the foreman jokingly said, "yer in trouble, one of these planks is full of nails!" Then he showed me a plank with what looked like dozens and dozens of nails in a 2' section. As we looked closer, we realized it was actually lead shot.

    That board ended up being used a a threshold upstairs:

    There's a story in that church, I wish I knew what it was!

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    Default Re: Flooring from salvaged wood

    Looks like some nice work (and an interesting story).

    I hope to do something like this in the front and rear entrance thresholds to our house... someday...
    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default Re: Flooring from salvaged wood

    THis is exactly what I am hoping to do. Congratulations!

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    Thumbs up Re: Flooring from salvaged wood

    Fantastic, I love stories of wood being recycled.

    Shot gun wedding perhaps?
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    Default Re: Flooring from salvaged wood

    Wahoo! That is a pretty floor. Thanks for sharing and saving the wood...

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