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    Default installing a bathroom vent in a brick home

    We have an historic brick home with a finished attic and a second story bath with no bathroom vent fan. We have read Tom Silva's description on "Installing a Bathroom Vent Fan" and feel that we need to vent through the sidewall. However, we are very nervous about cutting a hole in the brick. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: installing a bathroom vent in a brick home

    Since your home is a historic brick house likely the walls will be solid brick and not veneer brick. Holes can be cut into these using a core bit which is a circular drum ( almost resembling a hole saw minus the cutting teeth ) with the tip coated with diamonds for cutting masonry.

    If you want to DIY you may be able to rent a core bit and the drill from a tool rental place. The advantage of using the core bit is the hole will be clean , round , accurately sized and relatively quick.

    Another way is to use a hammer drill with a masonry drill bit making several holes around a traced outline then hammer and chisel out the center. This method will be rough and messy , depending on the integrity of the brick work may leave repairs needed to surrounding bricks.

    There are options hiring someone to make the hole for you.

    For example:
    - someone who does brick work , if repairs are needed they would be able to do it at the time ... one stop shopping.
    - Heating contractors
    - some plumbers
    - company that specializes in core drilling

    Hopefully this helps.

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