I taped and spackled my kitchen, lightly sanded between coats. Well, I think I am on my final sanding and I am in pain! My right shoulder is killing me and I have worn off the skin on my left hand checking for bumps! I want it too look as perfect as possible to not only meet mine and my husbands high standards of "I can do better than they guy who did our bathroom" but also to impress those in the family who do not believe that women can do any home improvement projects. Also, I am guessing that when I see a mistake after we paint I will notice it every time I walk into the room. Anyway, am I missing something? Any tips to make this crappy part of the project any easier?
It is actually looking pretty good but I still have 3/4 to finish sanding. Luckily, I didn't go too crazy when I was layering, it is pretty even and smooth but of course there is still a lot of sanding to do.