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    Question How to stabilize an exisiting gravel driveway

    My gravel driveway is flat for part of its length, but the 'exit' curves upward at about 40 degrees. It gets very bad 'moguls' and 'divots' to the point it's not drivable.

    I've heard that there are products that can stablilize an existing gravel driveway, but I can't find anything at my local home improvement stores (of course I don't really know what to ask for, either). All I find on the internet are chemical names (Calcium Chloride and Lignin Sulfonate for example). Can anyone help me bridge the gap?

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    Default Re: How to stabilize an exisiting gravel driveway

    Codel is the name of the stuff you're thinking about. It's commonly used to stabilize wet/moist soil.

    When you use you may need to remove 12" or more in depth and put it back in 4" lifts or less to get good subbase compaction. Beg, borrow, rent, or pay someone to get the test equipment to test compaction. Aim for around 3,500 lbs, but if you have big trucks or a lot of traffic you may want 4,500 lbs or more. Second, because of the lack of cohesion of loose gravel it will never maintain a 40-deg slope, or anything close to that, for any length of time. Asphalt or concrete paving the slope is the only longterm solution.

    Take a look at this PDF for more information:

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    Default Re: How to stabilize an exisiting gravel driveway

    You simply need a better base, which I am sure you know. I would not mess with chemicals. What you need is rock - Large rock. In Tennessee we call them "shot rock". They will form a very solid base and you can gravel over them. You will need a bobcat or hire a contractor that does that type of work. It might not hurt to mix those chemicals with the soil to try and dry it up before you put the shot rock down.

    Good Luck

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    hi, I heard there are actual fabrics for this, they even call it driveway stabilizing fabric or something to that tune, a company named typar makes a brand and someone US Fabrics also has products like it, I suggest you google. I don't know how economical it is, but hey, like I said, google. good luck, -Fishfool @ The Reef Tank

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