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    Under a separate discussion I've mentioned a surprise remodel necessitated by a water leak. The remodel eliminated our son's bedroom but gave rise to a larger bathroom and a new laundry room. But ... my son is in the office now, and the office displaced the rec room, and the rec room and the living room are temporarily co-mingled. The matter I'll address here is the 'new' office. We are small business owners and also work full time. Our children share time on the computer for school and fun. Our office space is now a very visible part of our home - there are no doors or screens because it is a walk-thru space. I'm looking for design hints for paperwork space that has closable nooks for files, finances, and supplies. I don't mind the computer showing, but the papers are homeless now and it's become impossible to share the space well.

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    I'd go with a two or four drawer file cabinet as someone else suggested. If you're a woodworker, a little plywood can be fashioned into a nice 3 or 4 shelf cabinet that could either sit on the desk and not take up all the room or some legs could make it serviceable too.

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