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    Default fiberglass porch columns

    I plan on replacing my rotting wood columns with fiberglass columns. My goal is two-fold: To never have the poles rot again, and to never have to paint again. I'm also getting vinyl railings and Timbertech flooring. My builder says that there are no fiberglass poles that don't require painting, and he recommends the Permacast brand. I'd appreciate a second opinion if you have some advice. Thanks.

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    The only fiberglass columns I know of will require painting, however with the proper prep and paint, the paint should last a good long time because the fiberglass isn't affected by moisture or rot as wood will be.

    You could try a door supplier who also specializes in mouldings and millwork to see if they have columns to suit your needs. Again, you probably won't find a prefinished product, but it's worth a look.

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