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    Default Low Voltage Problem

    Last night, we were using the microwave and it overheated (didn't have enough stuff in it). Any way, the thermocouple that protects the microwave popped and after a few minutes, it re-set. Microwave still didn't work. I plugged the microwave into another outlet and it worked fine.

    So, I plug my volt meter into the original outlet and am getting readings of about 45 volts (hot to neutral)and 56 volts (hot to ground). To try to figure out problem, I plugged one lead in the problem outlet and the other lead in the good outlet-testing all combinations of hot/neutral/groud. Using the other outlet-all readings are okay-in the 120 v range. The only time I get bad readings are if I just test the original problem outlet. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on????



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    Default Re: Low Voltage Problem

    Turn the power off to that circuit . Pull the receptacle out and give it a good visual inspection . Make sure the connections are tight and are not " backstabbed " . Check ALL connections that you might find in the box . What the heck . Go ahead and replace the recptacle anyway with a good quality one .
    Is the other receptacle that you checked on the same circuit ?

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