I have a problem with my ceiling light. I was swapping out a fixture that worked fine but was ugly with an old art deco model which was recently rewired. It worked in my old house but moved with me. I have swapped lights many times without problems.

I took down the old fixture and put up the new. I heard a faint electric noise when I turned on the circuit breaker. When I flipped the wall switch, nothing happened. I tried the other switch (a three-way setup), nothing happened. I checked my connections. They seemed to be good and it did not help.

I tried a couple other fixtures in case something had gone wrong with the one I was trying to install. No improvement.

My electric tester glows when I touch it to the black and white wires. It glows more when a switch is turned on but still glows some when they are off. The outlets on the same circuit work as they did before. It seems like the light should work.

I would love suggestions for things to try. I have run out of ideas.