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    Question clotheswasher water flow problem

    I read a previous thread from you stating how to clean the filter in clothes washer. Unfortunately, I can not reach into the area in the back of the washer to unscrew the hoses as these are housed in an indented space where my tool will not fit. I think in my case, this would be the solution, that is, to unscrew the hose and clean out the filter. Is there any other way that I may obtain the same results?

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    Default Re: clotheswasher water flow problem

    My experience has been that the "filter" is a screened washer that is usually installed at the washing machine inlet, not at the box in the wall. The screen often gets clogged with grit over time. Usually the cold side collects the grit. I know mine does.

    I don't know what tool you're using, but usually some type of pliers is all you need to get the hose fitting off.

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