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    Question log home

    What is best to use between the logs for original look on old log home?

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    The answer really depends on the log cabin itself. If it is not a kit and the logs were not scribed to fit tightly (Sweedish Coved logs) then (in my opinion) the best thing is (1) close the opening between the logs with low E foam to act as a wind and moisture barrier, but don't fill the "chink space" entirely. Because (2) then you hand cut expanded metal lathe and tack it into place with 6d galvanized nails. Set the metal lath so that it is concave in shape and doesn't extend beyond where you will be placing the mortar (daubing). (3) Then apply to the lathe thin lifts of a soft mortar. Score each lift to receive the next. I'd recommend the commercially available Naturally Hydralic lime and sand, mixed according to the manufacturers recommendations. You can tint the mortar too by tinting the water you mix it with. Experiment here to get what you want in color. (5) if you art going to stain your logs do it before you apply the mortar or it will absorb the color of the stain. (6) avoid at all cost any synthetic chinking or daubing products. They are designed for new fresh logs only. Good luck. You can check my web site for more info

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