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    Default How do i get hvac to my upstairs cape cod style home?

    I recently purchased a brick cape cod home in milwaukee,wi. The attic has finished hardwood floors, but unfinished walls (just insulation). I would like to vault out the attic space to create another room. I need to know what is the most economic way to get HVAC to this attic space. I do have a chimney stack chase that i can utilize and I do have central air/forced air heating. I have heard of zoning areas of the home, but have been told my someone in the HVAC business that I would have to run new duct work through out the home in order to zone properly. Is their any truth to this? Any info would be helpful.
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    Default Re: How do i get hvac to my upstairs cape cod style home?

    Zoning is merely having a dampers open and close on different runs as the temp in that area requires. If you have different branches of ducting I don't see why you couldn't zone without a complete replacement.
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    Default Re: How do i get hvac to my upstairs cape cod style home?

    True zoneing requires bypass dampers for pressure control zone dampers would work but you would run your whole system for a small part of you house at times which is ok but sometimes its best to have 2 systems.
    I would say a ductless mini split if its all in open area.You could use a small system 1/2-1 ton or so.But they can be a littly noisy.Check out the new system from vizio ask an HVAC guy to show one to you.They are awsome. They are wall munt and some come with a picture frame which hides it like a painting on a wall.

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    Default Re: How do i get hvac to my upstairs cape cod style home?

    Our Chicago Cape Cod had a chimney running through the middle of the house. Previous owners dormered the 2nd floor and ran an 8" duct next to the chimney to supply the upstairs. It was okay, but barely adequate. You'll need to find a space to run a supply and cold air return from the furnace/ac to the upstairs. Your existing furnace/ac may not be large enough to heat/cool that additional space.

    I'd find a way to run the ductwork, then bring in a good HVAC guy to confirm if you're current system can handle the space.


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    Default Re: How do i get hvac to my upstairs cape cod style home?

    Run ductwork up the outside of the house and in through the roof.

    Just kidding!

    You need to have a professional come out and LOOK at your home and determine what your options are. Not necessarily the cheapest way, but the BEST way to properly heat and cool the house.

    It may be in your best interest in the short term AND long run to evaluate the entire home and see what is best to do.

    Especially if you are going to modify the floor plan.

    Whoever comes out should be able to perform a load calc to determine if a single system with zoning, or independent systems are the best approach. Or if a single system properly designed with a proper air distribution system would suffice.

    All the best, Irishmist

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