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    Default Frozen pipes in winter

    Dear Sirs,

    Last winter we had the warmest January in history.
    However, my water pipes did freeze for about a
    week in February.

    If a pipe freezes and breaks, will it always
    occur at a solder joint? What is the best
    emergency repair? I would have to have
    something to plug the end of the water pipe.

    thanks, Paul
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    Default Re: water heater shut off

    hi,is the coldwater pressure the same as the hot??do you have good hot water pressure elswhere?

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    Default Re: water heater shut off

    Quote Originally Posted by serapions View Post
    Dear Sirs,

    While repairing a leaky sink I had to
    shut off the hot water valve on the water heater.
    Now I have no hot water pressure at the sink.
    I assume there is still water in the water tank.
    Can I leave it this way, with the H2O valve off and
    water in the tank?

    The gas valve and pilot light are off.

    Thanks, Paul
    The way I read this the OP is in the process of fixing a leaky sink. So they had shut off the water supply( likely the cold water shut off) to the hot water tank as well the gas supply and pilot so the hot water tank won't turn on while they are doing the repairs.

    They seem to be asking it it's ok to leave the water supply shut off to the tank with the gas and pilot turned off leaving water standing in the tank. The answer would be ... yes.

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    Default Re: water heater shut off

    Dear Canuk,

    That is what I thought.
    Also, I did watch the clip about
    draining the hot water tank with a
    hose and small pump>


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