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    Default help with last bit of crown moulding

    my husband seems to be having trouble with this last bit of crown moulding. It is in the kitchen above three windows with the sink situated below the middle window (not that that really matters). Anyway, the angle is not 90 or even 30. He has some expensive saw, compound miter I believe, and still can't seem to finish this. Any helpful comments?
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    Default Re: help with last bit of crown moulding

    Is he trying to fit them molding using the coping method or just 2 cuts to make the angle? Does that question make sense? On your regular 90 degree corners, did he cope or did he just cut 2 45 degree angles on the pieces? If it is just 2 angles he's cutting, maybe try using a bevel square to figure out the angle and then transfer it to his saw. I would try it out on scrap pieces first.

    That's the way I would try it. Maybe someone with more experience will come along soon and give you a better solution. Good luck!


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